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Outcomes from the Digital Communication and Building Identity Marketing and Management Workshop; Follow-up possiblities:

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Social Entreprises and Community Development in Rural Areas Workshop, Knjazevac, Serbia


Entrepreneurship is considered a central force of economic development, as it generates growth and serves as a vehicle for innovation and change. This workshop will be a capacity building programme that provides skills and support systems for a new community of social entrepreneurs. The workshop will bringing together about 25-30 social entrepreneurs from them to capacity builders. The idea is to encourage development of social enterprises strengthening cross-sectoral collaborations to sustain community development.


How to manage an ecotourism business? Digital Communication and Building Identity Marketing and Management Workshop, Cserkút, Hungary


During the event Participants will have the possibility to improve their services through interactive, tailor-made exercises and with the help of the facilitators, experts during individual consultations. A business’ online communication consists of everything that said business does in the virtual world: from landing pages to advertisement management, it is a very demanding matter, and finding the right balance between the challenges of social media and review management can be a tough gig even for the seasoned entrepreneur. While most people do know how to handle at least one or two of these areas , as the competition gets fiercer, getting by is just not enough. The workshop will lend a helping hand in this maze of digital communication by answering common questions of the tourism service providers’ mind: How can a business stand out in an online environment? Why have a consistent online presence across all marketing channels? What tools can Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in tourism utilise to increase bookings and sales? How to maximise the potential of a website?